CBS De Kleine Wereld in Groningen
The Bug Bags work perfectly! No more head-lice at school!

St Michaëlschool te Rotterdam

We have been using the colourful Bug Bags successfully for four years and are very content.

BS de Hobbit, Oosterhout
Have been using Bug Bags since 2001. After the summer vacation we had head-lice in two classes. Two weeks later under control and since then lice-free.

The Bug Bags arrived in Beesel today! They look wonderful. My kids are happy with them and can hardly wait till school starts again; what a contrast with all the other products from the Kruidvat and Etos! They will be the first ones with a real Bug Bag. Still a long road ahead for the lice-mothers... I'll circulate your folder. Who knows...
Thank you for the quick delivery.
Kind regards,
Sandra van den Brandt

Montessorischool de Flierefluiter, Zwaag

They still function perfectly. When new children arrive at school we ask the parents if they want to acquire a Bug Bag. Most parents do and our coat-racks have become very colourful indeed.
And most important: we have been free of head-lice plagues for a long time.
Martin Bergevoet

BS Het Mozaiek, Delft
Last week our school was again free of head-lice.
Guy Hoogenhout (after the Christmas break)

BS de @rchipel, Almere
560 children at school and lice-free.

Montessorischool de Wielerbaan, Enschede
announcement from the lice-team:
Hurray! for the first time in ages LICE-FREE!
So: let's keep it that way! Next check is after the Spring break.
We want to thank those who helped and especially you, parents, as you approached the problem seriously by looking out for lice at home aswell.
Will you remember to wash your Bug Bags regularly?

Basischool de Duif, Diemen
Our children have been using Bug Bags since 2001, school lice-free. Every so on head-lice reappear but can be located immediately.

KDV Beertje aan de Amstel, Ouderkerk a/d Amstel
Perfect system, lice-free since the first purchase of Bug Bags in 2001.

Montessorischool de Flierefluiter, Zwaag

The Bug Bags work well. During the last three checks by the 'itchy brigade' we were lice-free.
Martin Bergevoet, director

BS de Durpel, Kerkrade

The Bug Bag is excellent, lice-free, checks after each vacation.

Randwijkschool, Ilpendam

Max Havelaarschool, Delft
We have Bug Bags throughout the school. The school has followed the protocol of the Health Authorities (GGD). After the second check, the whole school was lice-free. On top of that, our hallways finally look attractive.

Overheard at the National Education Fair in the Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

OBS 't Ravelijn Woudrichem:
The Bug Bag is a perfect solution for an annoying problem. Since our Bug Bag purchase in September, 2001: no more lice trouble. Even the 4-6 year-olds manage to hang up their coats in the Bug Bags. Also a colourful sight.

Montessorischool Houten
The school is lice-free since having purchased Bug Bags in February, 2001.

Montessorischool, Zeist
Since using the Bug Bag, head-lice controlled.

Europaschool, Amsterdam
The school is lice-free since using the Bug Bag and applying good lice-checks. New children recieve a Bug Bag when joining our school. The hallways also look good.

Basisschool De Heemde in Almelo
Finds the Bug Bag 'ideal'. According to them an effective measure due to the hermetic seal.

Basisschool Paulo Freire in Oosterhout
Finds other products 'useless', also because the so-called luizencape's break easily.
They add that the Bug Bags look good on the coat-racks.
The Bug Bag is a satisfactory method against head-lice.

Burg. W.A. Storkschool Dwingeloo
Are pleased with the Bug Bag. They introduced a stimulation fund to promote the Bug Bag.

Openbare Basisschool Caleisdoscoop in Almere
Are satisfied with the Bug Bag; as a result, parents ordered a large number of Bug Bags.
Caleidoscoop also highly appreciates the quick delivery. They expect to order Bug Bags on a yearly basis.

De Regenboog in Almere
is very satisfied. The school has been lice-free since having acquired Bug Bags. They have also brought the Bug Bag to other schools' notice.

Joh. Weststeijnschool in Nieuw Vennep
is very positive about the Bug Bag. The school has been using Bug Bags since Spring 2001 and has been lice-free for quite a while. The parents' council decided to contribute toward purchasing Bug Bags, classes 1 - 4 are almost completely supplied with Bug Bags. They also find their Bug Bags visually pleasing.
The school has recommended the Bug Bag to other schools.

De Franciscusschool in Zaltbommel
Are very content with the Bug Bag. They also find it gratifying that the hallways finally look good.

Received email het Palet, Maarssen

Our school is so happy with the Bug Bag that we want to order an extra 50!
We have remarkably less head-lice at school and, when found, quickly under control.

Received email

I called you a while ago to inquire about the Bug Bag's effectiveness compared to the 'luizencape' and other products on the market now. In the meantime I have purchased a Bug Bag and indeed, it looks sound and effective. We would thus like to purchase your Bug Bags.
We being the parents' committee of the Theresiaschool in Berlicum.
Originally we were planning to buy the 'luizencape' at hfl 7,- (guilders) per piece and purchasing 100 pieces. By having collected all information, I advised the committee that only your product is worthwhile. We are thus willing to spend the whole budget on the Bug Bag.